FYR Disposable


Fyr disposables are a brand of vape disposables that are available in multiple flavors. This brand is a fyr 2 gram disposable that is available in more famous

All concentrates produced at FLO begin with sourcing high-quality cannabis from cultivators that demonstrate regard for the consumers, exceed compliant testing measures and grow without toxins and pesticides.


Fyr Bar Disposable

Fyr disposable, the extraction process utilizes only the highest grade CO2 and nothing else. NO hidden adjuncts, NO blasts of hydrocarbons, and NO co-solvents. Fyr disposable bars  produces the most natural and clean extract you can experience from cannabis vape cartridges.

FYRs new disposable range is not only a great option for those in need of a quick clean hit, it’s also perfect for those looking to test out a fruit rig or avoid the fuss of cleaning. FYR DISPOSABLE the first disposable in the world that offers an outstanding experience in smoking.

Fyr Disposable 2 Gram

Light up in style with our new disposable. Featuring a higher hit evaluation than any other disposable on the market, our disposable delivers extraordinary tasting hits every single time. And now we’ve improved it even more, so you can enjoy smooth hits of your favorite strain anywhere

FYR DISPOSABLE is an extraordinary tasting disposable e-cig, with an adaptable mouthpiece amongst a grand scale of taste and flavors. With a higher evaluation of lucidity and vapors, the e-cig for smoking smokeless cigarette has the best quality. Also, checkout flo carts for sale.

Knowing that your hemp products meet high-quality standards, from potency to purity, is important. At ELYXR we use independent, accredited labs to test our USA-grown hemp extracts.



Grape Gelato, Strawnana, Sour Apple, Watermelon Crashers, Blue Dream, Gelato, Blueberry


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