6th Gen Cake Disposable Wholesale -25 Count (Variety Box)

(41 customer reviews)


cake she hits different disposable

41 reviews for 6th Gen Cake Disposable Wholesale -25 Count (Variety Box)

  1. Rusty Fletcher (verified owner)

    These flavors are so hard to find

  2. Sylvia Moss (verified owner)

    quick and efficient delivery

  3. Provape (verified owner)

    Amazing flavors and great team

  4. Jackson (verified owner)

    Cactus labs is the best

  5. Matthew (verified owner)


  6. Federico (verified owner)

    Thank you for the patience could not get this to work

  7. Samuel (verified owner)

    Happy i trusted, nice touch

  8. Ethan (verified owner)

    Very slow communication i hope you will not always be this slow

  9. Ethan Cannes

    Better than the Gen 5s without a doubt

  10. Leslie

    Love the flavors amazing stuff

  11. Reben (verified owner)

    Great delivery guys, it was not an easy process

  12. Ternia (verified owner)

    Friendly service were very helpful throughout the process

  13. Luis Xander

    Every hitbis worth was worth it without a doubt.

  14. Suzie Ellen

    Another delayed delivery but still worth the wait

  15. Lucious Dand

    The delivery was quick and very efficient.

  16. Cacy Torin (verified owner)

    amazing, simply amazing

  17. Alex Rhain

    Best of the best, great to see this innovation in this product.

  18. Adrian

    Nice packaging, another delivery from my favorite carts store

  19. Landre (verified owner)

    nice work by you all

  20. Sylvia Cole (verified owner)

    Fast line for many reasons

  21. Daniel (verified owner)

    I have been having trouble with getting these disposables. Happy i found this shop

  22. Relindis (verified owner)

    Best efforts from the team.

  23. Ryker (verified owner)

    Did not believe when i got the delivery

  24. Idris Velron (verified owner)

    Found you on instagram, glad i trusted,

  25. Felix Oscar (verified owner)

    Did not believe when i got the delivery

  26. williams adams (verified owner)

    The delivery is quite fast for the service.

  27. Yves (verified owner)

    Top quality products.

  28. Feris Walsh (verified owner)

    Ideal shipping and packaging

  29. Tarkowski (verified owner)

    love the branding techniques

  30. Velma Tinp (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery.

  31. Joseph Canelo (verified owner)

    Its not been easy getting this products in my country

  32. Salvio Peters (verified owner)

    great work by the whole company

  33. Summer Blacko (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery.

  34. Elvis Konte (verified owner)

    Safe to say this is just the best

  35. Richard Bird (verified owner)

    The delivery was abit delayed but im grateful for the help

  36. Oscar (verified owner)

    Hard to get these products where im from its nice you can deliver

  37. William (verified owner)

    Love all the products coming back for a bulk order

  38. Tonia (verified owner)

    Smoothe delivery, great packaging too

  39. Frederick West (verified owner)

    Thank you for the patience could not get this to work

  40. Bruno (verified owner)

    Good service.

  41. Tony (verified owner)

    Suprised this could be done in such a short time

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