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Are Raw Garden Carts Real

Are Raw Garden Carts Real

Yes Raw Garden are real, the products are made from 100% Cannabis with no additives or artificial flavors, unfortunately, like a lot of vape brands, underground producers are making fake, knock-off versions, which aren’t lab tested for quality or safety assurance. Fake THC carts are sending people to the hospital.

An 18-year-old male patient showed up at NYU Winthrop Hospital in Long Island complaining about chest pain, nausea, fever, and shortness of breath. Initially, doctors thought he had pneumonia, due to his X-rays showing “haziness” in the lungs. Within 48 hours, says Melodi Pirzada, chief of pediatric pulmonology at the hospital, the patient’s condition worsened and he was sent to the ICU.

There he was diagnosed with ARDS, a condition associated with acute lung injury. He was connected to a breathing tube and placed in a medically induced coma for one week. Buy raw garden carts real.

Raw Garden Live Resin Carts

The doctors were baffled as to how a healthy 18-year-old could become so sick until the patient’s mother showed up at the hospital with something she’d dug up from her son’s wastebasket. It was a vaporizer cartridge with the label TKO Extracts, a licensed company based in California that sells THC products; the cartridge was later confirmed to be a counterfeit version of the company’s product.

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Across the US, there have been 2,172 (as of November 13, 2019) cases of e-cigarette, or vaping, product use associated with lung injury (EVALI) as reported by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). This statistic, along with the 37 deaths that have been reported, has led the CDC to launch an investigation into the source of this epidemic.

After laboratory testing of patients with EVALI, the CDC found vitamin E acetate in all samples. This data, corroborated with other research done by the New York Department of Health, solidifies vitamin E acetate as the central maleficent component in black-market cartridges. Alex had no idea what was in his cartridge and it was most likely not vitamin E. He is extremely lucky that it wasn’t.

Vitamin E acetate is a lipid (oil) commonly found in cosmetics but is used as a cutting agent in cartridges for its color and viscosity, according to the CDC. Although the chemical is considered safe in makeup, the combustion and inhalation of it coats pulmonary tissue and saturates macrophages (immune cells). These engorged white blood cells, although normally integral to the body’s natural immune response system, start to attack lung tissue, inducing respiratory illness.

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However, before we look at how to identify a fake Raw garden vape cartridge, it is important that we take a holistic look at the health effects of THC. Marijuana can be used in some states for medical reasons, and in some areas, recreational use is legal as well. No matter how you use marijuana, the drug can cause immediate and long-term effects, such as changes in perception and increased heart rate. Are raw garden carts real?

Over time, smoking marijuana may cause chronic cough and other health issues. The effects of marijuana on the body are often immediate. Longer-term effects may depend on how you take it, how much you use it, and how often you use it. The exact effects are hard to determine because marijuana has been illegal in the U.S., making studies difficult and expensive to conduct.

But in recent years, the medicinal properties of marijuana are gaining public acceptance. As of 2017, 29 states plus the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana to some extent. THC and another ingredient called cannabidiol (CBD) are the main substances of therapeutic interest. The National Institutes of Health funded research into the possible medicinal uses of THC and CBD, which is still ongoing. With the potential for increased recreational use, knowing the effects that marijuana can have on your body is as important as ever. Read on to see how it affects each system in your body.

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